Here’s  my 3 tips on CPAP machine use. 

Let’s dive in..

Do you suffer from nasal burning?

Many people have burning noses in the morning after using their CPAP machine. It feels dry and very uncomfortable. Ask your doctor if you can use a corticosteroid like a nasal spray. This really helps with the inner skin of the nose. Of course, always ask your doctor first.

If your humidifier is too high, you may mistake gurgling for snoring. Make sure your humidifier is not too high. 

Winter months bring on very dry air with our heaters running. This can make your nose very dry and burn. You need to use your humidifier, however, keep in mind that if the humidifier is too high, it can produce condensation. This can get into your nasal passage and although it won’t hurt you, it can make a gurgling sound which can be mistaken for snoring.

Don’t put your CPAP  machine on the floor.

Dust settle on the floor and you may be sucking it up into your machine! You want to keep our machine lower than your bed or head, but not on the floor.

I hope these tips help you in your CPAP machine life!

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